Waste Collection & Delivery


While we all strive to eliminate waste, we often fall short of seeing some of the ways that natural 'waste' can be cycled back through the eco-system.  Instead of throwing brown and green ‘waste’ in our bins every week, let’s reintroduce back into the life cycle through compost and mulch.  Decaying 'garbage' is a blessing for Mother Nature.  She knows what to do with it.  We are simply observing and copying what she does. 


We have many resources at our disposal that would otherwise end up in landfills, so we say - why not use it?!  Even our "recycling" goods are now simply being dumped into local landfills and/or exported and dumped into foreign landfills.  Either way, it's trash that could otherwise be repurposed.  We can do better and for far less expense!


"One man's trash is another man's treasure".  That treasure will create your compost, which will produce your soil, which will provide for your gardens, which will feed your bellies, which will produce natural waste, which will be reintroduced back into your compost and the natural cycle continues.  It's almost as if this cycle has been designed by a natural and pure force of creation.


This is why we visit local cafes and business, search local areas and put the call out to friends, neighbours and the community for waste collection.  Yes, we collect waste from you and for you.  We collect carbon inputs (dry brown items such as leaves, wood, cardboard, sawdust, etc. - things that otherwise would end up in landfill) and nitrogen inputs (green waste, manures, grass clippings, food scraps, used coffee grinds, etc. - more things that would otherwise - you guessed it - end up in landfill) - to make quality hot compost.


Furthermore to reducing waste within the community, we work alongside the 'Have Your Fill' project; a BYO and upcycled container eco-friendly product refill project at local community markets.  They reuse, re-purpose and upcycle an assortment of glass and plastic containers with eco-friendly, local manufactured, ethically minded common household and personal care refills products.  Check out their webpage here for more details.


If you are interested in learning how to turn your waste into produce please contact us.  We can turn your waste into rich earthly nutrients for your gardens.