Implementation Support


We are avid promoters of limiting waste.  This is why we adopt the 'garbage warrior' mentality, by upcycling materials where possible. 


We roam local industrial parks and collect good quality (heat treated) discarded pallets that would otherwise end up in our landfills or be burned off, for reuse.  We refurbish them and upcycle quality pieces for garden bed frames, hillside wall and ground retention structures or for custom purpose.


Not only are we avid supports of waste elimination, we also encourage bringing community together and helping each other along the way.  We encourage you to engage with the project yourself, when it comes time to build and implement.  Put the call out to your family, friends, neighbours and interested fellow man and organize a small permablitz to support the build of your design.  Exchange ideas, share stories and connect with each other to bring back the 'unity' into community.  Get your friends and family on the permaculture garden bandwagon, and share a wider variety of produce amongst yourselves.


We can support you with the implementation if you feel putting this call out and organizing a 'build event' is a big ask.  We can build and provide structures for garden beds, wicking beds, hot compost piles and other various simple structures that best fit your requirements.


However implementation support costing can only be determined with more accuracy after the completion of a detailed design once a bill of materials, number of gardens and working systems is better understood.  A specific quote can be supplied for more complex design implementation.


Upcycled heat treated pallets converted into garden beds can be supplied a low cost of $250 for a standard 100cm x 100cm x 35cm size. 


Different sizes and more complex builds can be quoted as a custom job.


To read over about the design scope, click here.


We only use pallets with the ‘HT’ (heat treated) symbol

Reclaimed pallet timber used for garden beds

Scraps are made into sawdust for further use