Detailed Schematic Design


  • Everything described in the Concept design, plus…
  • Zone sector map differentiating areas of time and energy use of resource, frequency of interaction, type of use, natural characteristics and physical distance
  • Final detailed schematic design with;
    • Artistic rendering, scaled and dimensioned CAD drawings, ready for implementation
    • Illustrations, legend and descriptions of working elements
    • Material quantities and plant list
    • Gardening schedule planner


This design is for everyone who craves to sink their teeth with a detailed schematic design ready to break ground for implementation.


Property blocks up to 1000m2 (1/4 acre) - $700

Property blocks up to 4000m2 (1 acre) - $900

Property blocks over 4000m2 (1 acre) - $1400


* for unforeseen complex properties and sizes additional rates may apply


To read over about the design scope, click here.


For more information, we welcome you to contact us.

gallery/dormana schematic option 1
gallery/maidstone schematic
gallery/schematic map
gallery/ferntree gully schematic

A detailed design overview for a family of 4 on a suburban property

A detailed design illustration for a residential block

A working design for a small family on a heavy sloped suburban property

A design illustration for a rental property

gallery/ftg community church - schematic

A local community church design in Ferntree Gully