Concept Design


A concept design shows the initial strategic placement of elements and a broad overview and clarity to how working elements interconnect with each other.  A concept design starts with an initial consultation followed by a comprehensive site analysis and assessment.  Notes and requirements from the consultation and details from the site analysis and assessment are combined to create a concept layout of what the design would look like. 


A concept design consists of:


  • Simple pre-consultation questionnaire (emailed to you ahead of time).  This allows you to prepare your initial requirements, wants vs. needs and consider potential future considerations.  This helps to ensure that the on-site visit is more efficient.
  • Initial on-site consultation;
    • discuss in more detail the questionnaire results and your overall requirements, recommendations and options
    • conduct a comprehensive site analysis and assessment through a property walk
    • site photography
    • preliminary site measurements
  • Off-site summary of;
    • design requirements and meeting notes
    • consolidated site analysis and assessment review (property aerial map layout)
  • Initial hand sketched concept design proposal highlighting main areas, concepts and functional areas of design at work
  • Your draft vision statement


Includes travel costs within a reasonable distance (e.g. within an hour's drive) of the Dandenong ranges. 


Travel costs may be added for locations outside this range, but we're more than happy to discuss this prior to starting.


Completion times vary depending on your requirements and design complexity.  However a more reflective time can be given from the initial on-site consultation. 


A concept design is available for you if your aim is a broad design idea and you’re interested in incorporating permaculture principles onto your property without the full detailed schematic.  This may suit someone who is happy to carry out the finer details of the design themselves but want the bulk strategy of the design provided.


Property blocks up to 1000 m2 (1/4 acre) - $400

Property blocks up to 4000 m2 (1 acre) - $500

Property blocks over 4000 m2 (1 acre) - $750


* for unforeseen complex properties and sizes additional rates may apply


To read over about the design scope, click here.


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A site assessment & analysis for a local community church

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