Benefits of permaculture


  • Reduces our economic, political and environmental impact and dependency
  • Reduces our pressure and concerns about accessing the basic needs of life and our dependency from external sources
  • Less time and money spent on grocery shopping
  • Fresher food available on site
  • Being more connected with your food and enjoyment
  • Less time and money spent mowing the lawn
  • Very often large portions of plain lawns are a ‘waste of space’, waste of fuel powering your mower (many inputs vs. zero outputs/yields)
  • Help teach and incorporate your children, with knowledge and experience of food production and understanding of its cycles, i.e. the importance and origins of food; that it doesn’t just show up in the supermarkets.  Or better yet how it even gets to the supermarket.  The amount of energy/inputs (virtually all) is unnecessary when you consider the food miles involved
  • To get reconnected with your literal life force (water and food)
  • The interconnected network of food, water, soil, growth, consumption for food and energy, outputs of “waste” being circulated back into the system (not being put through into landfill) for the cycle to loop itself again and continue.
  • Increase your physical and mental health (due to the benefits of being in nature and having your hands and feet in the ground)
  • And if you keep your garden organic, it’s far healthier for your family now and in the future (at affordable costs)


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