Our Purpose

Roots To Purpose is a non-governmental organization (NGO) project that supports community to develop a life of freedom and authentic connected living.  We apply permaculture principles to your home property and community gardens and landscapes, while supporting a shift in thinking to our collective approach to life.


Roots To Purpose addresses one the fundamentals in pursuit of this life through permaculture; to reconnect and reclaim your right for natural, quality, wholesome foods at your doorstep, clean water, less consumables, upcycling waste and overall relying much less on the centralized and corporatized services, to solve a problem we are both capable of solving, and have an ethical responsibility to do so.


We approach the design of your property gardens from a holistic perspective, using permaculture principles.  By applying and seeing permaculture principles in action, you will feel more connected to nature, animals and your food.  You will have greater awareness to the natural interconnection of elements within our eco-system working together.  Together we will be building the foundation of soil repair, water cleansing, fresher air and a path to a more freeing life, for yourselves and for future generations.


If we are able to help the community by helping you feel that you are living a life of freedom and are connected to any and all forms of living life in an authentic way, then we have succeeded.


Philosophy, values and aim


The foundation aims to educate, support and build a lifestyle for the community that reconnects us to the natural living world in a sovereign and authentic way, by following the ancient philosophy of “cause no harm, do no damage, don’t impose your will onto others”.


Our intention is to draw attention towards how we live our lives and shift our mentality; from disconnection to the awareness of interconnection to all forms of life, abundance and sustenance and a ‘back to basics’ sense of consumption, production and recirculation of goods.  We promote a lifestyle that breaks free of our over-reliance on the current societal model for sustenance and basic needs.

Those who rely on others (governments, corporations, agencies and alike) for the basics of life; food, shelter and clean water, will always remain reliant and be ‘subject’ to those ‘masters’.  Reclaim your sovereignty and power.  You are not the servant.  You are the master. Reestablish yourself in sovereignty and symbiosis with the earth, it is the only one we have.

This is why the foundation strongly values freedom, connection, sovereignty, privacy and free will choice.  We seek to be the change we wish to see in the world putting energy into the solution rather than energy into fighting the problem